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“I do not know what St Rollox Church will look like in ten years’ time, but what I do know is that, it will be different from what it is today. It will reflect the commitment and gifts of its members, and I hope and pray that this will be a commitment that is outward facing, bringing a powerful message of hope to the world around us.”


Rev Malcolm Duff




St. Rollox Church is known to have the most multicultural congregation in the Church of Scotland, and while that presents its own challenges, it also brings great blessings which have enrich our worship, fellowship and mission.

It is in my view the following points will provide us with a strong foundation as we seek God’s will for our future vision.

  • Our diversity enables us to discover our true unity in Christ.
  • Our diversity enables us to grow in Christ.
  • Our unity in diversity is a powerful message to a divided world.

In God’s plan, St Rollox has become a place where people from all over the world are welcomed and accepted, and where they can contribute their gifts and talents to the mission of the church.

The fact is, our church cannot continue the way it has been going, and unless we can harness the commitment and abilities of ALL our members we will not survive.

We face an enormous challenge if we are to maintain a Christian witness in our parish, but there are tremendous opportunities for us to find a place at the heart of the new Sighthill community and to reach out with the Gospel to those who will make their home here.

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